Ensemble Aquarelle was founded in 1999 by Margarita Marambio. The group is composed of members impassioned by vintage dance who want to share their knowledge of period dance and of the balls in fashion during the 19th century through the early 20th century.

Her endeavour is to discover old treatises and to reconstitute the dances that so charmed our ancestors. Her references include the works of other researchers who, with patience and passion, have reconstituted vintage choreographies published in Europe, in the United States and in Latin America over the past two hundred years.

Not only does the group wish to demonstrate these dances, its members especially want to have you participate in easy dances that will initiate you to the atmosphere of period balls. Ensemble Aquarelle provides a splendid opportunity each spring at a grand romantic ball held in Montréal. Since 1999, different periods have been represented, from 1850 up to 1914. Preparatory workshops are held to enable participants to learn the choreography of the vintage dances and to enhance their enjoyment and the splendour of the evening.