1910 Cultural Revival

Culture and art of the 20th century are born. Picasso paints his first cubist works while the architecture displays new Art deco forms.

Starting in 1900, Debussy introduces unprecedented sounds and by 1911, strict furniture fashions are opposed to the interlace and scrolls of Art nouveau.

The same phenomenon is observed in the dance halls. America is highly influential. A youthful crowd participates in society balls and introduces a new behaviour and a new style.

A description of the young ladies who move in fashionable circles « Permissive youth, liberated, provocative, with a promising look. Young and accustomed to live their life without limits, virtuous without modesty, spontaneous and whimsical”, they exhibit “a feast of semi-nudity without care nor embarrassment”.

The road was paved for more emancipated dances: One-Step, Two-Step, Tango, Foxtrot, Maxixe, Boston, Castle-Walk, Half & Half …