Artistic Director

Margarita Marambio began her study of vintage dance in Santiago, Chile. Upon her arrival in Montréal, Canada, she continued her study and became a member of « Il pomo verde », a Renaissance dance group during a period of eighteen years. In Montréal, as well as in France and in Italy, she perfected her knowledge of baroque dance which led her to various other types of dance.

During her stay in France from 1997 until 2000, she specialized in dance of the 19th century and early 20th century with teachers Yvonne Vart and Patrick Nollio. While there, she was a member of “Divertissements”, a dance group located in Paris and “Révérences”, a group based in Lyon.

When she returned to Montréal, Ms. Marambio founded « Ensemble Aquarelle » specialized in the promotion of ball dances from the early 19th century up to World War I. She continues to reconstitute dances published in France, the United States and in Chile. Her interest in fashion of the period has resulted in the creation of numerous costumes following a strict historical research.

Ensemble Aquarelle and Madame Marambio have participated in numerous demonstrations given in theatres, museums as well as outdoors. She leads Viennese balls with the Strauss-Lanner Orchestra conducted by Jean Deschênes. In December 2008, she provided costumes and danced in the PBS Public Television production “Elegancia” featuring pianist Richard Abel. In the same year, she was the principal dancer in « Die Fledermaus » an operetta produced by the University of Montréal.

Each year since 1999, Margarita Marambio is the artistic director of a costumed ball, representing different periods: Napoléon III (1860), La Belle Époque (1900), Ragtime (1810). She regularly participates in a number of workshops and period balls in Europe and in the United   States.

Ms. Marambio has also taught English Country Dance of the 18th century, and in 2010, she was guest instructor at the Newport Vintage Dance Week, teaching a quadrille class and the Habanera. Since 1995, is a member of « Danse Cadence », a group specialized in the reconstitution of 18th century dances of France and Québec. The group, directed by Anne-Marie Gardette and Pierre Chartrand, participate annually in the « Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France » in QuébecCity.

Margarita Marambio graduated with a Bachelor of Communications degree from Université du Québec à Montréal.